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So I just came across this ACCF blog of mine. I’m dissapointed in myself for not posting on it for so long. Lately I just haven’t had the time to play Animal Crossing. Also, I recently got The Sims 3 so I’ve been playing that. 🙂

Anywho, I do hope I’ll soon get myself back into Animal Crossing. It’s just, I hate being away from the game for so long and then playing it again, because I’m sure a lot of my favourite villagers have moved away. Especially Carmen. She’s been my favourite ever since I started the game in 2008. I’m so afraid to play again because I don’t want to see that she’s moved away. Plus my town is probably full of weeds, and my custom paths have probably started to fade.

Now even though no one is probably going to read this post, I’m sure that when I start this blog back up I’m going to have to let all my old readers know. 😛


Entry 17 – New Years Party Bash!

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Today is New Years Eve, and there’s nothing like celebrating the New Year like having a fun party! Usually I’d spend New Year’s in Bellwood, but today I decided to explore to another town to have a party.

So, I went to Lake City to celebrate with Char and Chris!

We were all so excited about the countdown.

And then, the countdown finally struck zero!

Char was so shocked by the fireworks, that she couldn’t move or speak!

But the fireworks really were beautiful.

I had lots of fun for sure!

Then, Char finally awoke, and we all blew some fireworks.

Happy New Year everyone!


Entry 16 – Crazy Hair!

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Boy, that Christmas party was crazy. I’m still having a bit of a party hangover…


Look at my hair! I better get to Shampoodles to get it redone before anyone sees me like this…

As always, I sat down in the seat, I was asked a bunch of questions, but then, the worst happened.



Entry 15 – Goodbye Glasses

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Today I got a package from my Mom. At first I thought, it’s a little too early to be getting a Christmas present isn’t it?

Then, I thought that it may be something that I’ve been waiting for.

And it was! Inside was a box of my prescription contact lenses that my Mom was able to order for me.

Now I don’t need to wear my glasses!

How do I look?

Entry 14 – One Year Later

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I can’t believe this day has come. It’s come so quickly, I wasn’t even expecting it. Exactly one year ago from today, I moved into Bellwood (December 12th of 2008). I still remember the feeling I had as I got off the bus stop platform. The second I stepped off I ended up falling into a pitfall. Ahh, memories… Today I’m celebrating by even wearing the shirt I wore when I first moved in.

In the mail, I found a letter that I forgot I even wrote to myself on the day I moved in.

And I got a letter from Mayor Tortimer about the occasion.

Inside was a gift. He gave me a mini Town Hall! I wonder if there’s a mini Pelly and Phyllis inside?

A lot has changed in Bellwood since I moved in last year. Different neighbors, but some are still here. When I first moved in, Bellwood only had cherry trees.

But while I’ve been living here, I’ve been able to grow Bellwood an Apple Orchard…

Pear Orchard…

Orange Orchard…

And tons of coconut trees.

I’ve even made up enough money to be able to build myself a bedroom in my house. How do you like it?

I love Bellwood. It really is a great place to live, and I have apsolutely no plans on leaving it ever. I’m glad I decided to leave my parents and move into a town filled with strange, talking animals.

Entry 13 – Snow Day!

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After a nice long sleep, I expected to wake up to the usual cold air and dead grass, but today, Bellwood has finally gotten snow!! A great time to be able to wear my new winter hat and sweater.

Then I found a snowball!

I tried my best at making a snowman but I made his head a little too big… But not that bad.

There’s snow everywhere! There was even snow on the bus.

There was even a great snowfall in the city.

Oh how I love snow!!

Entry 12 – Turkey Trouble

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It’s been getting so cold lately, you can tell winter is just around the corner. Even the grass has lost it’s colour!

Anyways, today is the Harvist Festival! Or where I’m from, Thanksgiving! Mayor Tortimer prepared a delicious feast for Bellwood. There’s tons of sandwhiches, salads, fruits and vegetables, stuffing, buns….

…. there’s just something missing.

I wonder who this "special guest" is?

Then, all of a sudden, I saw a turkey hiding in town!


This turkey named Franklin needed me to steal all of the forks and knives that Tortimer was handing out so Franklin couldn’t get eaten.

I tried to help out but….

Someone must have ratted him out! Oh well… Dinner time!!

Entry 11 – New Pet Hamster

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00000 001


Look! I got a new pet hamster! I named him FuFu.

00000 002

Isn’t he cute?

00000 003

However, I think this may scare him too much…

00000 004

Entry 10 – Happy Halloween!

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00000 001


Happy Halloween everyone!! When I woke up this evening, I decided to be a mummy for Halloween!

00000 003

I began my hunt for this Halloween king named Jack, but it wasn’t as easy as I would have thought… Everyone looked like him!

00000 004

Then, just because I wouldn’t give anyone my candy (since I was saving it for Jack…), they turned my mummy costume into a Jack costume!

00000 006

00000 007
Waaa! *sniff*

There were Jack impersonators everywhere chasing me!

00000 009


After a bit more of searching and hiding from trick or treaters, I finally found Jack! He was the only one who didn’t chase after me.

00000 010

Eventually, I ran out of candy to give to Jack, so I did some trick or treating myself, and as I did, I wore my melon costume!

00000 011

Trick or Treat!

00000 014

00000 012

00000 013

Within two hours, I was able to complete the Spooky Series of furniture Jack gave me. I then got over 200,000b from selling the extras I got!

00000 015

And here is my new Halloween decorated house. I’ll be decorating my house with this furniture every Halloween now!

00000 018

00000 017

00000 021

Tonight really was fun. Next year, instead of looking for Jack (since I already have all the furniture), I’m just going to go trick or treating, and hand out my candy to all of my neighbors (since I never gave any to them tonight).

Goodnight, and have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

00000 020

Entry 9 – Wake up Shawn!

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00000 002


Isn’t fall great? Expecially near Halloween.

00000 006

Everyone in Bellwood is getting really excited about Halloween.

00000 001

00000 005

During my daily stroll, I noticed a newly built house by the Town Gate.

00000 003

Inside lives a chicken named Benedict. I ended up helping him unpack, since I know how it feels to move into a new house…

00000 004

So, I thought that with Halloween coming tomorrow, I should go and remind Shawn about it. Although I still haven’t heard from him yet…

00000 007

I didn’t find him downstairs…

00000 008

And of course he was in his attic sleeping!

00000 009

So I started banging my hands together to try to wake him up.

00000 010

Wake up Shawn!

00000 014

Don't make me make you walk the plank! Arrgh!

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